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look for neuropterida and find linksindex of scientific papers (german). Ask for copies - look for the sun!
link to homepage of neuropterologists. Photograph copyright © 1997 by Atilano Contreras-Ramos (Corydalus luteus Hagen, male)Distribution of Myrmeleon (Morter) bore (Tjeder, 1941): detailed list of known records (compiled through July 1997). Photograph copyright  1996-99 by Mark Swanson (antlion)there is a link to the 'Tree of Live'- project (Raphidioptera). Photograph copyright © 1995 by David R. Maddison (snakefly)
Tel.: (030) 94632033Ph.D. thesis. Photograph copyright  1996 by Michael J. Donoghue (Ranunculus spec.)
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